Looking back Fiona can’t quite believe the photos she sees are the same person.  Back in 2017 she was the heaviest she had ever been, having struggled with her weight since her teenage years.  Never a fan of exercise, working a full time desk based job had taken its toll. As her weight increased so did Fiona’s health problems and it was losing her mum to cancer in 2016 that really pushed her to make a change.  Desperate to lose weight and get healthier Fiona started to look at fitness classes that she might be able to fit around her work. In January 2017 she came across Have a Hart Fitness and started following them on Facebook but it wasn’t until June of that year that she plucked up the courage to make the call.

Fiona says, ‘I saw Have a Hart were running kick start programs with classes from 6.00am in the morning.  I’ve always been an early bird so fitting in classes before work really appealed to me.

Fiona took the plunge and contacted Mark Hart, Personal Trainer at Have a Hart Fitness.  They had a chat on the phone and then arranged to meet at the gym based at Eastbourne Downs Golf Club.  

 Mark made me feel welcome and at ease from the moment I walked through the door.  I was slightly terrified and concerned I would be the largest person there and that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with anyone else.  What I found instead was a friendly community of like-minded people who are incredibly supportive and non-judgemental.


Mark provided a welcome pack, follow up home work outs via You Tube and nutrition advice.  I gradually started to change my diet and within the first 6 weeks I had lost 1 stone. Motivated by this I signed up for more classes and I am now a regular gym goer!  I train 3 times a week in small classes led by Mark. Each session is different and the other members make it a lot of fun too. I sometimes sign up for the odd spin class too – something I would never have considered in the past!’.


In just over two years on Fiona has seen huge improvements to her health and fitness and has now lost an amazing 100 pounds, which is just over 7 stone!

100 pounds or 7 stone in just over 2 years! 100-7-2!


Fiona says, ‘Looking at my equivalent weight loss in bags of sugar is quite incredible.  The total sounds dramatic but my weight loss has been fairly consistent since I joined. I certainly still treat myself from time to time but I am much more aware of what I eat.  Joining Have a Hart has really given me the motivation to continue exercising and I am more active than I have ever been and enjoy getting out and about. I am more confident in myself and mentally and physically stronger than before.