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Personalised nutrition advice provides you with a nutrition plan that is individual to you – your goals, your health issues, your personal circumstances. This saves you the time of wading through the mass of nutrition research to identify the changes to your diet and lifestyle that are not only backed by science, but are most relevant to what you want to achieve. Working 1:1 with me also gives you the opportunity to say “I really don’t like that….how would I cook that…I don’t have time for that..” so that we can jointly work out solutions and agree an achievable plan.


I will provide you with personalised nutrition advice tailored to your goals and taking into account your particular physiology, health history, and personal circumstances. We will work together to agree an action plan that you feel confident is achievable. Each consultation there will be the opportunity to review how it is working for you, tweak the plan, and build on your successes.

Member’s offer15% off the first session for Have a Hart members.

ExclusionsThe above offer will be subject to review on an ongoing basis – if for whatever reason it is not working for me I may withdraw it and request that you remove the offer from your website, however,  if this seems necessary I will of course discuss it with you in the first instance in case there is an alternative solution.

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