Discover how 100’s of Career Minded Men and Women over 30 like you are

taking control of their lives!

6 Week Body & Mind transformation programme

Empowering the over 30’s to regain physical strength, to improve fitness and achieve their goals in a friendly non-judgemental environment.

If you are committed to change, let us guide you to a better lifestyle and a healthier and sustainable version of you

All sessions are small group semi-private personal training in Have a Hart fitness studio

Are you tired of trying?

Have you given up too many times?

Do you want a fitness programme that will fit around your other responsibilities?

Do you need help and accountability to achieve your goals?

Eastbourne Personal Trainer, Covid 19 ready studio for Eastbourne fitness classes

Your Saftey Matters

Following the Governments guidlines we are open to help Men and Women of Eastbourne keep safe and exercise in our Private Studio.

Have a Hart Fitness Private studio has:-

✅ More control over social distancing.

✅ Less people under one roof.

✅ Carefully designed workouts.

✅ Enjoy our safe environment at Have A Hart Fitness Family.


Bespoke Eastbourne Personal Trainer Studio for you to use safely.

See how we compare

Are you at a gym and are experiencing this?

? Egos everywhere!?

? Being silently judged on your form or exercise choice? 

? Is all your time consumed on workout planning?

? Not sure what to do and how long to do it for?

? Paying around ‘£50 a month’ for no input – just a huge room with lots of machines!

? Easy to give up when life gets busy?!


You will experience with Have a Hart Fitness

✅ FREE 30 min body and goals assessment to maximise results
✅ All fitness levels welcome

✅ Small groups of 3 in your own training zone
✅ Friendly likeminded people
✅ Personal Trainer led sessions
✅ 20+ sessions a week to choose from
✅ Early mornings & late evening sessions to suit you
✅3 sessions per week
✅Personal tracking stats
✅Monthly support phone calls
✅Accountablity and support at EVERY stage
✅Family feel
✅Tailored approach to YOU!
✅Group training with personal touch
✅Non-judgemental environment

Client Testimonials 

4.9⭐ Google Rating


What happens during a session?

During the semi private personal training session you will develop by carrying out a range of different exercises and routines. These have all been designed to be achievable for any level of fitness but effective enough to burn body fat and build lean muscle, which is key when toning up.

How long are the sessions?

The Sessions are  45mins long.

What do I get for my 6 week Body and Mind transformation programme?

You have access to our Men’s, Women’s and Mixed programme sessions.

I haven’t done anything in ages, I’m really unfit can I still do this?

Yes! Each training session will help you development and build your fitness gradually. We have low impact modifiers for every exercise to make sure you keep the correct technique throughout. You will have a team that will keep you focused and be with you every step of the way.

I feel super nervous about coming?

Everybody has been at some point before attending a session or class. It’s a very natural thing when we start something new. This is why our session are ideal. We structure every programme around you and your needs. Also, don’t worry as everyone will make you feel more than welcomed into the group! So, let’s get started and make the difference together.

I eat well during the week, but then at weekends my good habits go wrong – will this course/package help?

Yes, we will help you make small changes thought out the programme to give you the self-control you need to prevent you from undoing all you good work over the weekend.

Before you know it you will be making better choices without even thinking about it and enjoy your weekend.

How do I make the best use of this package/programme?

We understand people have busy lives so we have designed a programme that allows you to book in your sessions around your life style but giving you your, “selfish time” to look after number one!

I’m so tired at the end of the day, I don’t think I can face a circuit session what do I do?

This happens to a lot of people where we tend to rush around but haven’t fuelled their bodies to keep us at our peak performance. We always suggest eating a small meal 1 hour before exercise to boost your energy, most importantly plan your meals to help keep you energised.

I’m vegetarian/vegan can I still gain lean muscle to help my fat loss?

Yes of course, there are plenty of protein source options to help you build lean muscle such as beans, legumes, soybeans, nuts, pulses. Vegetarian protein options such as milk, hard cheese and yoghurt. Add complex carbohydrates for energy such as brown rice, whole grains, beans fruits and vegetables. Plan these into your meals to help muscle recovery and repair and give you the energy you need before and after your workout.

Are your sessions really ‘fun’?

We would be lying if we said, “No”. The training sessions are a great learning environment and you will meet like-minded people having fun, socialising and most importantly enjoying working out together as a team.


Free Access to our Online Academy

  6 weeks of nutritional energy meals, tracking and much much more to help you continue your fitness journey at home! 

!WORTH £20.00!

Still not convinced?

If you are still unsure about taking the 6 week Body & Mind Transformational programme.

Let us give you another two reasons…

1. 30 Min free Body & Mind Assessment to ensure you maximise your results

2. If you are not completely satisfied by the programme and have seen no change in 30 days, we offer you a full refund no quibbles or questions asked.

Conditions apply


Start your journey today – sign up NOW!

3 x sessions per week of Semi private personal training sessions for 6 weeks for just £115!