Bored of the same old HIIT routines? Tired of being out of breath all the time? Poor sleep? Low energy levels? 3pm slumps?

It’s time that STOPPED!

Find out how we can help with all of these and more below

Fun and Exciting Circuit Training Fitness Class in Eastbourne.

Our Circuit Training fitness classes are a real favourite with our clients.
What you can expect:

1 Hour of solid fitness fun.

Meet other similar men and women in Eastbourne.

Improve your Fitness levels so daily chores no longer take your breath away.

Laugh, breath and sweat until your heart’s content.

Expect fun, enjoyment, laughter and results..

We want to help you improve your life by getting fitter, losing weight and feeling more energised and positive WITHOUT counting calories, eating bland boring food and training for hours each day…

See the transformations of our clients just like YOU!

What makes us Different?

We are not your standard gym.. In fact, we are not a gym at all. We are so much more than that. By building a community of Fitness loving men in the Eastbourne area, we are helping guys from all walks of life live longer healthier and happier lives.


Over 25's Only

We work exclusively with the over 25’s, meaning we are experts when it comes to weight loss, injury rehabilitation, muscle toning and more.


Group Training

The best way to stay motivated is to enjoy your workouts. There is no better way to keep focused than by working together and making new friends.

1 to 1 Support

Not only do we support you throughout your training, but we also provide on going personal support and advice for your nutrition and diet outside of the studio.

Circuit Training, Group Fitness Class

In Eastbourne.

Train in a large group under the guidance of 2 expert Trainers at Ratton School Eastbourne every Monday & Wednesday from 7.15pm to 8.15pm.

Meet Your Trainers

Mark Hart

Mark Hart


Over the last 20 years I have always had a strong belief in exercise and keeping fit.
I believe from my own experiences that, if anyone is taught the whole system, from nutrition, to training, that you will easily achieve, maintain and most importantly enjoy a better lifestyle.
Physical activity is not just for the young or sporty. It is never too late to start to gain the benefits, no matter how old or level of fitness you might be.

Jessica Louise

Jessica Louise

Fitness Instructor

Jess is the right hand woman to Mark and is always on hand for the spin classes and circuit class training. She is highly motivating and always there to pick you up when you are struggling for motivation.