I don’t think you know how NORMAL that actually is..

The main difference between you and the rest of the world is that you have direct access to me:
Mark Hart from Have a Hart Fitness!

Let me make this clear:

But look, we have all been there.. You join a gym.. You go everyday for 1-2 weeks.. Then the excuses start..

“I will go tomorrow”

“I will have the weekend off”

“I will make up for todays missed session tomorrow”

And before you know it, you’re right back where you started.. Sitting on the sofa, wishing there was some way of motivating yourself to get your ass in gear.

I get it! You’re definitely not the first person to feel like that.. We have all been there!

The big question is:

“How do you motivate yourself to workout?”

The answer is actually pretty simple.

**You MUST enjoy your workouts**

So, how can you make your workouts fun and enjoyable so that you maintain that all important motivation?

I have devoted the last few years of my life to helping people just like you break free of that exact cycle through fun, engaging, motivating and effective workouts.

Here at Have a Hart Fitness, we specialise in organising small group body transformations and personalised workout programs for the busy citizens of Eastbourne.

All of our members achieve incredible results due to the fact they thoroughly enjoy our training programs and environment.

This enjoyment is KEY to acheiving results.


We are a group of 100+ (and growing) Eastbourne residents who all have one common goal in mind:

Living a longer, healthier and happier life.

Why not join us?

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We can discuss your goals and I can advise you on how I can help you get there 🙂

Look forward to your reply.

Best regards, Mark Hart
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