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Personal Trainer Eastbourne
Personal Trainer Eastbourne
Personal Trainer Eastbourne
Personal Trainer Eastbourne

About Mark Hart

Mark has over the last 20 years and has always had a strong belief in exercise and keeping fit.

I believe from my own experiences that, if anyone is taught the whole system, from nutrition, to training, that you will easily achieve, maintain and most importantly enjoy a better lifestyle.

Physical activity is not just for the young or sporty. It is never too late to start to gain the benefits, no matter how old or level of fitness you might be.

We will be working with you, to encourage you and help you through each bespoke session.

Personal training has been proved to be the best way to get and stay in shape no matter what is happening around us.


Stronger Core Worksheet


Here’s What’s Inside…

  • P O S T U R E C H E C K : ( C R O S S O U T E V E R Y H O U R C H E C K E D )

  • BR E A T H I N G / M E D I T A T I O N


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