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We could try and convince you about how amazing we are (and we are!) but, we thought we’d let one of our newest members share their story of taking the free trial and what happened.

Con’s 7 Day Diary

Immediately you meet Mark Hart you know that you are dealing with an organised, conscientious and consummate, professional Personal Trainer.

Following our discussions on what I would like to achieve in terms of fitness and weight loss Mark suggested a free trial which I agreed to.

Having just completed my trial I thought I would provide a bit of feedback which I hope will encourage others to take the all important first step with Mark alongside.

The on boarding process was very straightforward. Mark weighs me, took my measurements, photographed me and all without judgement, in fact it being the first step to the new me, I found it motivational! 

The tape, scales and photos do not lie.

So, I am measured, weighed photographed and now Mark wants to measure a different commodity- Food!   

Mark encouraged me  to be frank and honest  and create a food diary so that it will help identify areas to improve and advise on healthier options with my  diet and really importantly,  my water consumption, I really was not drinking enough!!

In terms of paper work, it again, is straightforward and what you would expect really no surprises, just professional.

Mark took a lot of time to understand my goals and aspirations and has built a plan to my 60 year old individual capabilities. I always feel safe in the Gym environment as Mark pays close attention to every exercise carried out and the classes are small.

The classes are booked on line which allows Mark to know exactly who is attending and prepare accordingly, so when you arrive the classes are well thought out and prepared leaving me to warm up, work out, warm down-done!

I thoroughly enjoyed my trial and have now signed up with Mark on a longer term basis.

I would recommend anyone who has tried to lose weight and get fit before and either failed or “slipped back”, to contact Mark for a frank and honest, free appraisal.

In my first 7 days I lost 5.5lbs.

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