4 Reasons why group training is more motivating than working out alone

 Mark here from Have a Hart Fitness.
I am so excited for this one! We have recently done some research and found that the biggest obstacle for the people of Eastbourne when it comes to fitness is MOTIVATION!
Are you tired of feeling down about the way you look and feel? But are unable to motivate yourself to hit the gym alone?

You are not alone! And Have a Hart Fitness has ALL the answers..

In this blog I am going to tell you why training in small groups keeps you highly motivated.

So, let’s just dive straight in..

Reason 1 – Accountability

One of the most powerful tools the people around you create.. Without even knowing it!
If you had a shopping trip or a visit to the pub arranged with your friends, how upset would they be if you let them down last minute?
Very! Exactly!
Which is why you go to all efforts to make sure you’re there, right?
When you train with a group of like-minded people, these people often become close friends and the training sessions often become your new shopping spree or trip to the pub.
You know how disappointed they would be if you don’t show up, so you go to all efforts to get your but to the gym and maintain that high team morale!

Reason 2 – Encouragement

Admit it.. When you’re training alone in the gym it’s so easy to give up one rep early, right?
It might sound cheesy, but the “High-Fives” and shouts of encouragement really do push you to your limits. This means you work harder, burn more calories per session and drop those Lbs much faster than you ever could alone!
A study carried out by Virgin Active noted that 64% of women push themselves harder when training in small groups.
So, if you find yourself slacking out on those last few reps at your local fitness centre, maybe it is time you look for fun, supporting group classes and really start seeing those results!

Reason 3 – Education

Unless you are a fitness professional, it’s very common to exhaust your library of exercises and just stick to the same ones over and over again.

It’s also very difficult to choose the right weight that enables you to complete an exercise safely and effectively.
When you train with other people, not only is there a professional instructor on hand to introduce and guide you through new workouts, but your piers are also at hand to guide you through anything you may be embarrassed to ask.
Remember, a more varied workout means a more complete figure.
Something everyone wants, right?

Reason 4 – Excitement

Who loves spending time with their friends? Everyone? Right?
When you workout in small groups, the excitement of the social environment keeps your energy levels high!
If you enjoy what you do.. You are so much more likely to keep it up!
If you are bored of the barbells, tired of the treadmill, our small group classes are perfect for shaking up your fitness schedule and rekindling your love affair with your healthy lifestyle.
Not only will you look forward to working out, but you will look forward to seeing your new friends every time you train.

What now?

Have a Hart Fitness truly is the only option in Eastbourne if you struggle to motivate yourself to hit the gym, or are struggling to get the results you want on your own.
Pick up the phone and call me now on 07580983570 right now and let’s get you back on track to the slimmest Christmas of your life.
Best Regards, Mark Hart

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