Have a Hart fitness personal training experience in Eastbourne

Sue Holt


My adventure with Half a Hart Fitness began in July 2016.  I’d had several attempts at incorporating general fitness and wellbeing into my life with varying degrees of success.  Ultimately my old habits crept back in within weeks if not days.  A friend had been doing some PT sessions and suggested trying that route so I got in touch with Mark. We had a chat on the phone and then made some appointments.  And there started my complete re-education about food and exercise!  


Central to it all are the PT sessions.  These are the most use to me – whether I arrive ready for a work out or tired and aching the session challenges me, learn proper techniques, I can ask any questions, or Mark will give me areas to focus on in the gym by myself.  Mark asked me to keep a food diary which he goes through regularly with ideas & feedback to make my diet better.  I’d forgotten what it’s like to take homework to the teacher!  There are periodic assessment to measure how well I’m doing, we review my targets for the next few months and discuss any areas that I struggle with and how I can change these.  There’s lots of resources available too that Mark shares regularly.


The circuit’s class and the indoor cycling are great to do as well and really push me – especially the cycling!  Every session is different and you can control how much you want to throw at them.  Ultimately you throw everything at it but leaving knowing you’re shattered but you’ve achieved!  The classes are really worthwhile – and they’re lots of fun with banging tunes and Dad Disco music! 


Working with Mark & Jess has been really valuable  – they’re both really supportive, encouraging and very knowledgeable.  Since last year I’ve dropped 3 sizes, weigh 14kg less, I make better food choices, I can run further, I’m stronger, I’m more flexible, much more capable and I actually enjoy doing exercise!  


I wouldn’t have achieved what I’ve achieved without either of them.

If you have been thinking about how you can start to make changes to your life, then I am sure Sues story has inspired you to start you fitness journey.

Contact myself on the link below and we can discuss which programme would be best for you and invest in your health.


I look forward to hearing from you.