How Have a Hart Fitness helps keep customers motivated to workout with us.


We help people understand the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise. We make sure everyone understands how exercise can help control and prevent health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, depression, certain cancers, weight problems and high cholesterol.

It is important that everyone understands that regular exercise improves blood circulation, which gives you an energy boost, and that it stimulates feel-good brain chemicals.

It is and always will be a fitness journey and not a quick fix solution, we are there to give everyone as much support as we can and help educate them to improve their lives and change the way the think and process how they are going to change their behaviours over time.

Think long time as it’s for the rest of your life not just for today or tomorrow.


We specialize in small group training to help everyone get the full support they deserve and the bonus is when exercising with other people in a small group you are more motivated to make it routine and part of your life. This will also make extremely fun, talking to others whilst training makes it seem as if time goes by faster. Exercising with like-minded people helps to hold each other accountable — you feel more obligated to show up for your workout. Having   group of people together can make that dreaded workout into a fun social engagement.

This a far the best way to exercise if you don’t have any motivation to train alone, find your workouts boring, haven’t got the time to put workouts together and getting fed up with not seeing results as you repeat this circle of lack of results.


To help keep everyone motivated we advise everyone to take before pictures so they can see the start of their journey, write down goals and when they want to archive them by to keep them motivated and adhere to the plan.

The most important thing is to keep a diary of their progress, writing down there food on a daily basis and what exercise they are doing so they can see exactly what they are doing each day, improve the daily habits and tracking body stats to see progress which will keep you motivated to continue all the hard work you are doing to make it a daily habit over time.

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We help support our customer through private Facebook pages to help eliminate excuses by scheduling reminder and supporting post on a daily basis. This will help stop unmotivated people and give them accountability and stability in their daily lives to keep exercising each day, week, months and years to come. Some people might prefer to exercise in the evening, while others might find exercising early in the evening more convenient.

The most important thing is to make exercise part of their schedule, then they can’t make excuses that they don’t have time to exercise or forgot about it.

We always send out message reminders to makes sure everyone adheres to the plan and they will soon make it habit not a chore.


The most important thing is that we always make every session different, either with different types of equipment completing different types of exercise or working different parts of the body. I we treat every sessions as if we were going to do it and how would I feel doing the session, making it more personalised so everyone gets the most from it but also has fun doing it as well to keep everyone motivated.

As they say variety is the spice of life and by doing this helps to keep it interesting and fun. If exercise is enjoyable, it will be less challenging to do it on a regular basis.

We also have a 1 stone and 2 stone club for customers to work towards and also have client of the month awards to inspire others to keep pushing more and striving towards their goals.

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This is why so many customers are not only getting great results from Have a Hart, but are referring their friends and family members to join us and keep coming back for more.

For more information about Have a Hart fitness, please  contact us via our website for more information about how we help Men and Women over 30 live happier and healthier lives.

Many Thanks

Mark Hart