How to lose 2 stone in 16 weeks

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Hello Eastbourne Residents! Mark here again.

Wow, do I have an amazing story for you today..

In this blog, you are going to discover the secret to how a Have a Hart client, Scott O’Rourke, lost over 2 stone in just x weeks.

Scott is an Eastbourne resident and lives with his Wife and 2 children.

He is responsible for the technical support desk for a small IT company which requires long hours sitting behind a computer every day.

Neither his work, nor personal life kept him very active and over the years he had fallen into a very common, inactive lifestyle. He enjoyed the occasional walk, but the brewing of his home-made beer took priority over the gym.

This kind of lifestyle is a habit that grows increasingly difficult to break.

Over the years, he began to notice his breathlessness when playing with his children and carrying out simple tasks like walking up the stairs.

He realized the longer it went on, the harder it would be to change.

So Scott made the effort to better himself alone. He began pushing himself to visit the local gym and even took up running.

It lasted a couple of weeks, but keeping up the motivation alone was next to impossible..

In June, 2017, Scott’s wife noticed an Advert for the Have a Hart Body Transformation Program in her Facebook news feed. She showed it to Scott and his interest piqued.



He realised that his current exercise efforts felt like a chore. He felt no enjoyment from it, which meant his motivation was practically 0.

The Have a Hart Transformation programs offer an opportunity to train with 4 other like minded men/women under the instruction of a highly qualified personal trainer.

Although Scott was a bit nervous and self-conscious about training with other people, he read our excellent reviews on our Facebook page and gave me a call.

I reassured Scott how working with other similar people can be the difference between looking forward to your workout and dreading it. I invited him into our upcoming 6 week mens transformation program and with a little hesitation, he accepted.

Now, just 16 weeks later Scott has completed 3 Transformation programs in a row and has lost over 2 Stone!

Here is what Scott has to say to anybody struggling to keep motivated with their current exercise schedule:

“The transformation group really has changed my life. I’ve changed my attitude towards my lifestyle and what and when I eat. I’m now a healthy weight, and feel fitter than ever before. The personal aspect to the training and small group accountability gives you the motivation to keep going back. Would recommend to anyone struggling with their fitness regime.”




If you would like some help and support in changing your life, we offer a service to suit everyone and packages starting from just £19.99 per month.

Accountability, Support and Fun are the 3 key ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you are ready to start your Fitness journey, please visit our website here:


Best Regards, Mark Hart

P.S I started Have a Hart Fitness with 1 goal in mind.. To help the people of Eastbourne live longer, healthier and happier lives. Let’s get started today!