The Mind and Body Workshop

How to Strengthen the Mind to Support the Body

Mark Hart (Have A Hart)  and Tinu David (Mind Warrior)

invite you to join them on 

Saturday 21st September to a brand new workshop aimed at helping you conquer your fitness challenges. 

This two-hour work shop will cover how having the right mindset candramatically increase your ability to achieve your goals.

This training will not only help you hit you fitness goals, but also these techniques will help you in all areas of your life!

Find out why:

You’re not really consistent with your gym attendance 

You feel your weight hasn’t shifted 

You haven’t got to your goal or target yet

You fluctuate on your healthy eating habits & lifestyle 

You’re not being accountable

You haven’t accomplished your mission

It affects other parts of your lifestyle 

You are having distractions that invariably leads to excuses 

Learn how to: 

Conquer all of the above! 

Get your mindset in shape!

Overcome your challenges with ease!

Improve your mindset for everyday activities! 

Improve your overall performance!

Amalgamate your body, mind and soul!

Finally see the benefits! 

Have a positive mental attitude in all of your life! 

Saturday 21st September – 12noon to 2pm


Eastbourne Downs Golf Course


5 PLACES LEFT – ONLY £15 per person

(worth over £200 in consultation fees)

PLUS includes coffee & cake from Eastbourne Downs Golf Course