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Specifically Designed Circuit Classes In Eastbourne For Men and Women Over 25 In Eastbourne

Bored of the same old HIIT routines? Tired of being out of breath all the time? Poor sleep? Low energy levels? All or nothing?

It’s time that STOPPED!

Find out how we can help with all of these and more below

Start TODAY with our FREE 14 day, online Unlimited Circuits, Cycling and Flexibility exercise classes!

Do you get tired easily?

Do you suffer from the 3pm slump? It’s time for that to change!

Come see how we are helping others, just like you, get real results!

Burn fat, have fun and challenge your lungs along the way….

About Our Indoor Cycling Classes

Have a Hart Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Classes Eastbourne 

Our indoor cycling exercise classes are a real favourite with our clients at the Have a Hart Fitness studio.(Currently online due to covid19 pandemic)
What you can expect:

40 minutes of solid fitness fun.

Meet other similar men and women in Eastbourne.

Improve your Fitness levels so daily chores no longer take your breath away.

Laugh, breath and sweat until your heart’s content.


See how we compare

Are you at a gym and are experiencing this?

? Egos everywhere!?

? Being silently judged on your form or exercise choice? 

? Is all your time consumed on workout planning?

? Not sure what to do and how long to do it for?

? Paying around ‘£50 a month’ for no input – just a huge room with lots of machines!

? Easy to give up when life gets busy?!


Benefits of Have a Hart Group Fitness Classes

✅ 14 day FREE online pass

✅ Unlimited sessions

✅ All fitness levels welcome

✅ Friendly likeminded people

✅ Motivation

✅ Stamina

✅ Structure

✅ Proper form & technique

✅ Variety

✅ Accountability

✅ Competition and camaraderie

✅ Fun!!

About Our Instructors

Have a Hart Fitness Exercise Instructors 

Meet our trainers

The Have a Hart Fitness Family team are here to help you succeed. We  have a range of skills and qualifications to help you hit your goals.


Get in shape with Have a Hart Fitness indoor cycling exercise classes in Eastbourne


Special Offer

Online Unlimited Exercise Classes

£40 per month

We are please to be able to announce out latest offer to help you stay healthy during this time. £40 a month for unlimited online fitness room sessions to help you get in shape for the summer.

The gyms are closed. you want to get your summer shape back but are getting bored of follow along You tube videos!

✅ 14 day FREE Trial.

✅ Exercise with us in your safe environment.

✅ Guided exercises to keep correct technique.

✅ Working as part of a community to keep you motivated.

✅ Pallned and Varied workouts.

✅ Your trainer will always keep you motivated and accountable.

We will be working with you, to encourage you and help you through each bespoke session.

You will also have access to our Facebook support group, a weekly coffee meet up via Zoom to share recipes, workout plans and life with others just like you.

We are also adding our bespoke tracking and measurement service so you can see just how far you will have come after just one month with us! So, come train with us and beat the lockdown blues today!


Start TODAY with our FREE 14 day, online Unlimited Circuits, Cycling and Flexibility exercise classes!

Circuit Training

Fun and Exciting Circuit Training Fitness Class in Eastbourne.

At Ratton School Eastbourne or Online which ever suits you best.

Our Circuit Training fitness classes are a real favourite with our clients.

Please note our studio is temporay closed due to Cocid19 pandemic.

Indoor Cycling

Fun, music and laughter, Indoor cycling exercise class in Eastbourne.

At our Private Studio or Online which ever suits you best.

Our indoor cycling sessions are guranteed to raise your heart rate and burn calories!

Please note our studio is temporay closed due to Cocid19 pandemic.

Flexibility Class

Move better, flexibility 

exercise class in Eastbourne.


At our Private Studio or Online which ever suits you best.

Our Flexibility sessions are guranteed to imrpove your posture and mobility!

Please note our studio is temporay closed due to Cocid19 pandemic.

Online Unlimited Exercise Classes

Move better, feel energised

with our online unlimited fitness rooms.

In the comfort of your own home/on holiday or where ever suits you best.

Our online fitness rooms are guaranteed to keep you active and motivated where ever you are!


Free 15 min body & mind assessment online to help you get started!

Start TODAY view our timetable to find out when we run Circuits, Cycling and Flexibility!

Start A New Tradition

Real People.

Real Work.
Real Results.




We want to help you improve your life by getting fitter, losing weight and feeling more energised and positive WITHOUT counting calories, eating bland boring food and training for hours each day…

Start TODAY with our FREE 14 day, online Unlimited Circuits, Cycling and Flexibility exercise classes!

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Personal Training Eastbourne

Still not convinced?

If you are still unsure about taking taking 14 day online package for to all our fitness classes?

Let us give you another two reasons…

1. Everyone starts with a 14 Day FREE trial!

2. If you stay with us you can continue to test us and if you are not completely satisfied by the sessions and have seen no change in 30 days, we offer you a full refund no quibbles or questions asked.

Conditions apply

Start TODAY with our FREE 14 day, online Unlimited Circuits, Cycling and Flexibility exercise classes!


What happens during a session?

During the indoor cycling sessions, you will develop by carrying out a range of different routines. These have all been designed to be achievable for any level of fitness but effective enough to burn body fat and build lean muscle, which is key when toning up.

How long are the sessions?

The Sessions range from 40 minutes long, each session is desighned differently to help you progress.

What do I get for my 14 day sign up?

You have access to our exercise classes which includes circuits, indoor cycling and flexibility. (see our timetable here)

I haven’t done anything in ages, I’m really unfit can I still do this?

Yes! Each class is set to help development and build your fitness gradually. Every class has low impact modifier for every exercise to make sure you keep the correct technique throughout. You will have a team that will keep you focused and be with you every step of the way.

I feel super nervous about coming?

Everybody has been at some point before attending a class, that start point where you feel very unsure. Don’t worry as everyone will make you feel more than welcomed into the group. Let’s make the difference together.

I eat well during the week, but then at weekends my good habits go wrong – will this course/package help?

Yes, we will help you make small changes thought out the programme to give you the self-control you need to prevent you from undoing all you good work over the weekend.

Before you know it you will be making better choices without even thinking about it and enjoy your weekend.

How do I make the best use of this trial?

We understand people have busy lives so we have designed a programme that allows you to book in your sessions around your life style but giving you your, “selfish time” to look after number one!

I’m so tired at the end of the day, I don’t think I can face a circuit session what do I do?

This happens to a lot of people where we tend to rush around but haven’t fuelled their bodies to keep us at our peak performance. We always suggest eating a small meal 1 hour before exercise to boost your energy, most importantly plan your meals to help keep you energised.

I’m vegetarian/vegan can I still gain lean muscle to help my fat loss?

Yes of course, there are plenty of protein source options to help you build lean muscle such as beans, legumes, soybeans, nuts, pulses. Vegetarian protein options such as milk, hard cheese and yoghurt. Add complex carbohydrates for energy such as brown rice, whole grains, beans fruits and vegetables. Plan these into your meals to help muscle recovery and repair and give you the energy you need before and after your workout.

Are your sessions really ‘fun’?

We would be lying if we said, “No”. The training sessions are a great learning environment and you will meet like-minded people having fun, socialising and most importantly enjoying working out together as a team.




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