Today I want to talk to you about one of the most common set backs the people of Eastbourne face.. Repeat injury, leading to self doubt.

Meet Matthew Fry.. Eastbourne resident, Married, Father of 2 young boys and leading an incredibly busy lifestyle with work and home renovations taking up most of his spare time.

In July 2017, he was 17 Stone.

He suffered with back problems due to his weight and the daily chores left him breathless, lethargic and tired.

He had made efforts to train alone by swimming, lifting weights at home and even running, but always struggled with repeat injury which forced him right back to square one.

Can you relate?

His mind wanted progression at a rate faster than his body could cope so when he pushed himself to the limits, he simply wasn’t ready.

Matthew knew he needed professional assistance to make progress but he had been told how expensive personal training is at normal gyms.

Through our spin classes, Matthew heard about or Transformation program and after assuring him I could help him with his current injuries, he joined.

As with all my clients, I design a personalised, progressive workout plan to help him build his body up gradually and hit the targets we set.

You see, the key to sustainable exercise is knowing how much your body can take and following a set progressive workout plan designed just for you.

Goal setting and regular appraisals with a professional trainer are crucial if you are suffering with injuries or health problems. However, these things should not be treated as an excuse to not workout.

Between July and October across 2 Transformation programs, Matthew has lost an incredible 1 Stone, 11 Lbs and more importantly, no longer suffers with annoying little injuries, back pain or tiredness.

He finally has the energy to play with his 2 young boys and the weight loss results only motivate him more to keep up his efforts with me and work towards his next goal.

This is what Matthew had to say himself about his experience working with me at Have a Hart Fitness:

“Mark’s expertise will ensure that you maximize your potential. By managing your workload carefully and giving advice on technique and posture in exercise he minimizes the risk of injury, allowing you to make steady progress towards goals without injury setback. His human biology knowledge is good, he understands areas of weakness when described to him and can prescribe home workouts/tailor PT workouts to target those areas and improve them. the end result is a lighter fitter stronger you. It means you can work towards any fitness goals you might have (marathons etc.) but it also brings about great improvements in daily life – posture, mobility, energy levels, joint pain, back pain etc.”
– Matthew Fry


I started Have a Hart Fitness with 1 goal in mind.. To help the people of Eastbourne live longer, healthier, happier lives.

I look forward to welcoming you into the Have a Hart Family and helping you achieve the goals we know you can reach!

All the best, Mark Hart


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