New Year’s resolution: How to get Fit for the New Year

Fitness, like our drinking and sugar intake, can simply be done in moderation not just for the new year.

My first tip is to have a better goal than “get fit”. Specificity is the secret to success. Do you want to be able to bench press 80kg? Run 5km in less than half an hour? Ride to your workplace because your public transport options are as limited as the Mars Rover’s? Once you have your goal start small. Lift 5kg. Run 500m. And gradually up it each week. Yes, it really is that simple.

Pat yourself on the back for the things you do, rather than beat yourself with a stick for the things you don’t. You ran three days this week instead of the aimed for five? GOOD! It is better than your previous efforts of running zero days.

Second: find an app. There is something about the way my mind ticks that means I need to know exactly how far I have run and exactly how long it took me. There are many apps out there like FitnessPal which tells you how many metres/kilometres you have done. I like to run on a solid number – 5km, 7km, 10km, none of this, 5.2km, 6.8km for me.

Walking can be controversial in running clubs, with people who belong to clubs, marathoners and people who run in circles frowning upon it, but us average people don’t have to give it a second thought.

For the final push towards your goal is to  join Have a Hart Fitness community to help push and increase your fitness to help you run 5km to 10km, I encourage everyone to help each other and work together, building a community to help bring people together.

Throughout the year we sign up for events, 10km run or OCR event as a team, at Have a Hart I like to bring all clients and class members together  to set  targets to help them train and have a goal to work towards. This helps keep everyone focused and working together as a team.

We have had a lot of success over the years entering teams to different events, bring people together and this year is no different.

During 2016 we are not only planning to achieve different events, 3 or 4 during the year, we are going to raise money for different charity’s, which will be discussed and decided by all the community.

Let’s make 2016 a special one.

Mark Hart

New Year’s resolution: How to get Fit for the New Year