Richard’s experience with Have A Hart Eastbourne Personal Training

When I first approached Mark at Have a Hart Personal Training in Eastbourne my life was an endless round of work>travel>sleep>travel>work with a stressful job, poor diet and no time to exercise or invest in any time for myself.  I was fast approaching 55 and wanted to reverse the rapid decline in my physical and mental state so in June 2016 I decided to take three months out from work to invest some time in me,  de-stress and get fit.  The first two would be fairly straightforward to achieve I thought, the getting fit piece presented more of a challenge.

10-15 years of neglect to be turned around in 10-15 weeks was definitely ambitious but with Mark’s  Personal Training help we set some achievable targets and set about to make a difference to the way I live my life.  I will be honest, I had doubts as to whether, at my age, any change could be achieved – was I too far gone already?

Mark devised an excellent Personal Training programme of fitness and exercise designed to build strength but also to develop flexibility and posture which in my case was certainly poor due to a sedentary lifestyle usually crouched over a computer screen.  This was all designed to make day to day living easier and to bring back flexible movement and take away the pain of stiff and aching joints.

I am delighted at the progress that we have made over the 10 week Personal Training programme.  Weight down, BMI down, waist size down, blood pressure down, joint pain down – feel good factor up, flexibility up.  I have had numerous comments from friends and family about how much better I look and it is true that I feel much better and, I think critically, I am sleeping better.  Now that I have returned to work the key is to keep that feeling, maintain the momentum and keep with the Personal Training programme.  To that end I am continuing with Mark on a weekly basis to go even further.

My message is that it is never too late to make changes to your lifestyle that improve the way you look and feel.  If an over-weight, lethargic, 55 year old misery like me can do it, anyone can.  Thanks Mark, and thanks to my wife for finding Mark and supporting me throughout!

Have A Hart Eastbourne Personal Training