Sticking to a very strict meal plan is tough right?

You try your best to avoid meals with too much carbs or fats but can’t stop yourself from craving something more than your typical high protein and vitamin packed meals.

Have you ever heard of a cheat meal?

Explained simply, a cheat meal is your opportunity to indulge in foods you were supposed to avoid in the first place. You might be wondering why you would want to do such a thing… well here’s the truth.

Changing your lifestyle to maintain a strict eating plan can sometimes be tough! However, if your goals are to be in shape and build muscle, you do have a choice!

Typically, fast foods like pizzas and burgers are meals with a lot of carbohydrates. After a week or two of following a strict diet plan your body can get worked up and depleted of energy!

Carbohydrates are incorporated into your meals as one of the three main ways the body obtains energy, or calories. The other two are proteins and fats.

Having your carb intake reduced over a period can affect how your body functions. As your central nervous system and energy for working muscles all rely on the amount of carbs you eat!

So, cheat meals in a way are for individuals who are pursuing or currently working on towards a fitness goal, but gives you more breathing room.

Fit in a big or a couple small cheat meals throughout the week and you might find yourself feeling fuller of energy!

Furthermore, not only do cheat meals give you something to look forward to, but at the same time it can be used to reward yourself for the hard work throughout the week.

No longer will you have to dread the week long strict diet plan… Treat yourself to one meal, and ONE ONLY carb heavy meal to balance out your nutrition for the week.