Running is more popular than ever – especially in Eastbourne.

With beautiful landscapes across the South Downs and the seafront less than a stone’s throw away for so many, you can see why.

We at Have a Hart Fitness believe it is a great way to get into fitness and take advantage of all that Eastbourne has to offer. There are also fitness/running clubs and sessions available for those wishing to take their running up a level. 

Are you considering taking up running or do you still need a bit of convincing? 

See our Top 5 reasons why running in Eastbourne is a great idea and how we can help you along the way.

1. Healthy mind

We know that running can and does help us mentally as much as it does physically. The chemicals are bodies release during exercise of any sort, especially running or circuit classes can help people experiencing anxiety feel calmer. So, whether you’re running on the spot, jogging down Eastbourne seafront or trekking across the South Downs, getting your body moving is a healthy way of coping with tough times.

2. Help towards weight loss

To lose weight, you need to expend more calories than you consume. It is a relatively basic and easy formula to understand. Yet, the ‘fitness industry’ has created more and more complex ways of how you and I are supposed to lose weight. But, it really is that simple. 

Burn more than you need. 

One way is through your diet, and another way to help that is through exercise. So, any extra steps you take can and will help you towards your goal of creating a calorie deficit. Even a 5min run along with a proper diet will make an impact! 

3. It’s easy to start – especially in Eastbourne

One significant advantage of running is that you don’t need a fancy gym membership, a fantastic personal trainer (cough!) or circuit sessions to get started. You just need you, some clothes you feel comfortable in and a pair of trainers. They don’t need to be fancy – just basics will do to get started.

A smartphone. 

The couch to 5k app and you are away.

We have a fantastic seafront in Eastbourne that enables you to get started in relative peace and freedom on flat ground. It’s a tremendous benefit of living in such a beautiful town. 

4. Better sleep

How many people do you meet who say they are tired? Sleep is paramount to all of us. Running helps. Even when we are tired from a long day – even a quick 5 – 10min run can help our bodies and minds reset ready for bed just a few hours later. If you don’t believe me – give it a go. I think that exercise is a great way to beat insomnia and help us all sleep better.

5. Stronger bones

We know that any weight-bearing exercise like running or circuit training can and does help us build stronger bones. Matched with a protein-rich diet running can help us all have stronger bones preventing future problems.

So, you’ve heard our reasons – what’s stopping you? 

If you do need further help to get started, please send me a message at mark@haveahartfitnessfamily.co.uk or on Facebook messenger. I’ll be all too happy to chat more about getting you into fitness.

Our circuit classes would also be a great booster to any running regime as well. They will help you stretch and strengthen many of the muscles you need for everyday life – perfect for runners!

Happy running!