1. I don’t have time– One study found that 1 in 5 people between 25-54 years old claim they don’t have enough time to exercise or eat healthy.
How do I overcome this? Does this sound familiar? Basically, these people are saying they don’t have time to look after their health. If you write down your daily routine you would be able to schedule in 20 minutes of exercise per day. Whether it be waking up 30 minutes earlier, replacing an hour of TV with an hour of exercise, everyone can find some way. At Have a hart we run early morning sessions for Men and women over 30 in Eastbourne to help set up there day, give them routine and stability in their lives to allow them to get the results they have always wanted. We can all make time, stop procrastinating and do something your future self will thank you for!!  
  1. it’s too expensive– Exercise can be as cheap as you like. There is an exercise to suit every budget.
How do I overcome this? At Have a Hart we offer a variety of services to suit every budget, from mixed group classes like our circuit class to men’s and women’s transformation programs to semi-private personal training. We also have free external resources such as Youtube and private Facebook groups to help support you outside the class environment that you can use to help maintain your exercise and keep accountability.  
  1. I can’t be bothered/motivated – Some people lack the motivation to plan or actually do any exercise.
How do I overcome this? It is all about creating a habit and sticking to it. First for a week, then a month and then 3 months. Once you have incorporated some form of exercise into your routine for 3 months it becomes a habit and is no longer difficult to get motivated. Just stick to it and keep it up and before you know it you will enjoy it. We will be with you every step of the way through your fitness journey. You can have RESULTS or Excuses, not both!  
  1. I’m too tired – Studies have found that exercise increases energy levels and reduces fatigue.
How to overcome this? Try to do a shorter workout to help build up your stamina. That’s we run 45min session for our Men and Women over 30 in the morning to help them complete some exercise in the morning to give you more energy for the rest of the day. Our sessions are always varied to keep you on your toes, get the most from you and to give you the most enjoyment out of your session  
  1. I eat healthily so I don’t have to exercise – Exercise isn’t just about weight
How do I overcome this? There are many health benefits you can receive for exercise that you cannot receive from nutrition alone. These include good circulation, healthy joints, strong muscles and positive mental health. Exercising in small groups also gives you support and encouragement from others around you to help improve one’s confidence, self-esteem and makes you feel happier  
  1. Exercise causes Soreness –People with that are sore after exercise often fear exercise will cause more pain.
How to overcome this? However, research has shown that exercise can be used as an effective treatment for chronic pain and reduce the severity. If you have an acute injury you can focus on another body part. Muscle soreness that happens a day or two after exercising can affect anyone, regardless of your fitness level. Don’t be put off. This type of muscle stiffness or achiness is normal, doesn’t last long, and is actually a sign of your improving fitness. (DOMS), known as delayed onset muscle soreness can occur when you start a new exercise programme, change your exercise routine, or increase the duration or intensity of your regular workout. The key is to rest and hydrate after exercise, fuel the body correctly to help recovery and your body will recover quickly so you are ready to go for your next workout. Don’t cry to give up, Cry to keep going, don’t cry to quit, use that pain and get a reward from it!  
  1. I’m too unfit –Everyone has to start somewhere and if you are really unfit you can only improve.
How do I overcome this? At Have a Hart Fitness we have different exercise options for everyone no matter what experience you have and if you are lost with where to start, you can contact us via our website where we can give you a FREE call and talk about where best to design a program for you.  
  1. I dislike exercise –Exercise is definitely not a one size fits all.
How do I overcome this? There are a lot of different types of exercise or activities out there from big group classes, sport specific team events and small group classes. Don’t think exercise has to be going to the gym on your own. Working with other like-minded men and women is the key to helping you stay focused and getting support from each other to get the results you have always wanted. You just have to start with the right support and you won’t look back. If all or some of the above sounds like you then Have a Hart fitness can help you resolve these issues as we specialise in small group training helping Men and Women over 30 start their journeys and live happier and healthier lives. Please Feel FREE to contact us Via our website today and do something that your future self will thank you for. Many Thanks Mark Hart