Nothing can beat having a training partner, but what would make it even better is…

A partner who not only loves you with all their heart, but pushes, encourages, and motivates you to be better!

So how will it work?

Just as if you were setting goals for yourself, now you and your partner will have goals for each other!Training with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife will help both of you stick to your plans, no more skipping gym sessions or weekly runs.

Dedication is the key. And with your partner by your side, it’s easy to stay on track.

Understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work around them.

For example: Lay off the weights to spot your wife or girlfriend during her exercises. If you are running, slow down a bit and keep the same pace.

These are just simple ideas that will help you and your significant other not only improve your relationship through communicating a lot more, but this allows you to set goals and challenge one another!

Maybe on your next marathon or exercise session, set fun challenges that both of you can do without being too hard on the each other.

Make this fun but an activity that is played on a leveled playing field as it’s very important not to push one or the other too hard as it will not end well.

The key is to always communicate.

Constantly provide your partner feedback, advice, or compliments to motivate one another.

It’s that simple! By the end of all your exercises your partner will be feeling just a bit more proud of what you accomplished together.

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