Have a Hart Fitness is fast becoming the “talk of the town”.. And there’s a VERY good reason for this!

Most people’s biggest problem (and what holds them back from beginning their fitness journey) is a lack of motivation.

So, here at Have a Hart Fitness I have made it my GOAL to help as many people with this problem as possible!
I am the ONLY Personal Trainer in Eastbourne that works exclusively with Busy Professionals with little time and motivation to get to the gym and workout.

How do I do this? Good question!

I began by identifying the common problems that cause you to lack motivation in the first place..

And do you know what came up top EVERY SINGLE TIME?


That’s right.. Being unmotivated to do something is because you see it as uninteresting and boring.
So, I made it my goal to inject that FUN back into your workout.

By far our most popular programs are our Small Group Training:
Men’s Body Transformation and Ladies Body Transformation Programs.
The major benefit with these programs that eliminate boredome is that not only do you receive personal care, support and encouragement from myself every single day,
you take part in a varied and FUN workout as part of a small team.

This social interaction with people who ultimately become great friends is what makes Have a Hart extra special.

By becoming part of our 110+ community of like minded men and women, it gives you the chance to socialise and have a laugh with other fitness enthusiast on the same journey as yourself.
Believe me.. We all understand how you feel.. 
You want to lose a few Lbs, right?
You want to tone those muscles, right?
You want to be able to walk up the stairs and not lose your breath, right?
Well, I have developed multiple programs to suit ALL needs and the best thing is:
I offer a completely FREE consultation to all new members so if you are thinking about taking the next step towards a happier, healthier life then hit reply to this email and let’s connect!

All the best, Mark Hart